Monster Hunter 4 is coming to the PS vita: Rumor

Well! Well! Well! Look what we got. The biggest selling game for PSP, Monster Hunter franchise is heading to the PS vita. Previously the game was exclusive to 3DS. Sony even developed the rival for PS vita “Soul Sacrifice” and giving away the demo starting on Jan 23 with Vita hardware purchase.  According to “Game Lab” a Japanese game magazine points out that the MH4 game is also being developed for vita. And will come out on the same release date.
However, MH4 on PS vita is highly unlikely. Because the rival is coming out on march 7 on PS vita. And it’s very difficult to co-exist on the same platform if MH4 comes out for PS vita early.

Source: Game Lab Magazine

Update: Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svenson commented on the Capcom Unity forums saying:
I would not believe everything you read on the internet. It will set you up for disappointment or misdirected frustration.”

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