Friday, July 22, 2011

Ps vita GPS – Do you need it?

Many of you may aware that ps vita is equipped with GPS. It’s a built in GPS. It is only available with 3G version. So you have to get a ps vita 3G+ 3G data plan from Sony and service provider. The GPS is included for navigation. And it’ll assist you wherever you go. The 3G+GPS is a good option if you have so much to spend. Otherwise you can get the Wi-Fi version. To use the app ‘Near’ and live area with full functionality you need 3G plan. And the gps need is fully dependent on your location.
If you have an Android, I-phone, ipad or any smart phone with gps then you won’t need Ps vita gps. And I don’t think anyone is going to buy ps vita for GPS. But buying a 3G+wi-fi model is preferred for full online functionality. And you can always connect with your friend’s device until you switch off the device. If you are living near a hotspot location you don’t need a 3G plan.
Everyone says that the ps vita is very cheap. But consider this; you need vita games, memory card, data plan and accessories for the full functionality of device. And I’m still asking the same question that everyone asks. Is it worth buying ps vita? I know you’ll find your answer when you buy it.


Anonymous said...

gps can be usefull when you lose your ps... no? or when someone stole it...
(sory for my bad english) i´m PT